Because there is no Planet B

Planet A is the app that tracks your CO2 on autopilot and then helps you manage your emissions. Just like a personal coach in sustainability.


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Planet A is a celebration to our planet, it’s time we start treating our planet with respect. Planet A is an easy and positive tool to use if you want to keep track of your own CO2 emissions without having to fill in a lot of information about yourself and your habits.

To start with Planet A will be launched in Sweden.


How it works

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Gathering data

The idea is that Planet A connects to your other apps (companies) where you are a registered member and collects data to give you a personal overview of your emissions. Companies such as grocery stores, transport companies, clothing stores, delivery companies and electric utilities etc.

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Overview of your CO2

When connected it gives you automatically an overview over you emissions. How much have you spent today, this month and this year on transport, food, clothes, electricity etc.

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Climate smart rewards

You’ll get tips on how to decrease your emissions. When you reach a certain goal you unlock offers from the connected companies on climate friendly products that you actually need. For example food.


Keep me updated


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